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WCAG 2.0 Compliant Templates and Widgets [Accessibility/Usability]

For those of us who have to comply with Section 508 for ourselves or our clients, it would be really awesome and a huge time saver if Leadpages' built-in widgets and templates were 508 compliant. Additional information on this subject can be found at w3.org.

This is a growing need for many institutions and businesses and often desirable from a general perspective because the more people your pages can serve the better your pages can convert. If someone is visually impaired or has motor issues and can't navigate your landing page or fill out your forms, then that person can't become a lead. As a developer this is a really important issue for me because I want my pages to be accessible to everyone. I have many clients who ask for this, and it can be time consuming if not baked into the template. Thanks for considering my idea!

  • Hunter Miller
  • Sep 7 2017
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