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Separate Mobile Editor

Hey Leadpages! 

I would love to see the ability to edit mobile versions of landing pages separate from the desktop versions. Being mobile responsive is fantastic but sometimes the desktop design doesn't translate nicely to the mobile version and without the ability to edit the mobile version separately (without it affecting the design of the desktop version) you're left with a mobile design that's less then par. 

Food for thought and something I would love to see in your platform!

  • Lisa Gillou
  • Jan 8 2018
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  • Guest commented
    January 11, 2018 02:53

    I get around this using custom CSS and think if we had custom classes on the widgets, it would solve this problem too. https://ideas.leadpages.net/ideas/LP-I-1753

  • Salvatore Ragusa commented
    February 28, 2018 14:38

    Totally agree... we have about 58% of our ad traffic from mobile... Why won't you build this. Instapage allready got this. 

    A Css workaround is simply not for the majority of leadpages customer... or is everyone else able to write their own Css code??? I wish Leadpages to change this asap - You attract customers like me and then it turns out, this Drag n Drop mode is simply for desktop or I have to learn to code? Cmon guys... 


  • Guest User commented
    June 5, 2018 14:37

    I fully agree with this. You see this functionality in a lot of modern Wordpress themes. The Divi theme is a great example that provides separate vides for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices.