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Countdown Timer Integration with Infusionsoft (& other) email campaigns (for evergreen funnel)

I have a 4-day sale where the timing is set by a countdown timer inside of Leadpages. But the promotional email campaign is in Infusionsoft. I want the "sale ends today" email in my Infusionsoft campaign go out a few hours before the 4-day sale ends.

The issue is that a) every contact’s “sale ends” time is different inside of Leadpages, and b) contacts have different time-zones inside of Infusionsoft. So the Infusionsoft "sale ends" email may or may not get to my contacts' inboxes before the Leadpages countdown timer ends.

Solution, please?

I can't be the only one that has an evergreen funnel with a time-limited special offer that needs this feature, right?
I think this would be very useful!

  • Elma Mayer
  • Apr 12 2018
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