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Specific Leadpages shown to user based on their IP address/location

With the new GDPR law coming into effect (which requires a subscriber within the EU to give their explicit consent to be sent anything other than the leadmagnet/giveaway that they initially signed up for) it would really helpful to be able to redirect users from within the EU to a signup page that had a secondary confirmation option. Anyone outside the EU doesn't require this so if we have to include it on our leadpages to be EU law compliant then we also risk losing signups from outside of the EU. So by having Leadpages re-direct based on a users location we could send anyone within the EU to a leadpage with the extra consent option and be EU law compliant and send anyone outside of the EU to a similar signup page (minus the double consent form) and not  unnecessarily risk losing those subscribers.

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  • May 3 2018
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