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Make Leadpages work on browsers other than Chrome

Leadpages is a great product, however, it would be far more helpful to your customers to make Leadpages work on multiple browsers, such as Safari, FireFox, Explorer, and Opera, in addition to Chrome. The Internet was created with the goal of being accessible to everyone. When a company makes their web site work well on only one or two browsers, that company is putting a burden on its customers to follow their dictates. That company also is not working in the spirit intended for the Internet, which is to make the information online available to everyone. For example, I am most comfortable using Safari and Firefox. I intensely dislike and find Chrome difficult to use. Requiring me to use it, means that I have to download it to my Mac and use a browser  that I am not comfortable with. I hope you will reconsider your approach to doing business this way and make your web pages work across the 5 most popular browsers:  Safari, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, and Chrome. P.S.:  I've listed the browsers in my personal order of preference. By making your web pages work across all of these browsers, you will certainly increase your own business because people who are not highly technical, such as I, will be more likely to use Leadpages. Right now, if I cannot get Leadpages to do work for me in Chrome, I will cancel my free trial subscription and not purchase Leadpages going forward. The frustration is simply not worth it.   :- (      And, no, I am not giving you the email address that I registered at Leadpages with because I do not want to be discriminated against if I am  able to make it work and I subscribe.

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  • May 9 2018
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